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I was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine and although my family left when I was a child, the fate of Ukraine and its people is important for me. On February 24th 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine and thus began the largest military attack in Europe since WWII. My hometown Kharkiv stands in ruins while Russian attacks continue throughout the country. Ukraine is in a severe humanitarian crisis and Ukrainian people are in urgent need of shelter, food, medicine, and transportation. 

In 2022 I put my small works out for sale with 100% proceeds donated towards Ukraine Crisis Relief Funds. I've also curated the Sending Love benefit group exhibition in which 50 USA artists offered their work for sale with 100% of proceeds donated to Razom and Global Giving Ukraine. Together we raised 20K USD. 

As my continued commitment to helping Ukrainian people in 2023, 20% of all of my work sales will be donated to 
Razom and/or volunteer groups on the ground.
In addition, the remaining available works on this page are still for sale and their prices are significantly reduced.100% of proceeds will be donated.



  1. Email me on to ensure work availability or DM on Instagram @vita_eruhimovitz

  2. Venmo or PayPal the work price + standard USPS shipping fee 

  3. I will ship the work to you 

  4. If you prefer one over the other charity organizations above, let me know

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