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The Bridge Over Greenland, 2019, 86’’x75’’, Oil and acrylic on canvas


After the Insect Apocalypse, 2019, 84’’x62’’, Oil and acrylic on canvas


Biome, 2018, 80’’x76’’, 2018, Oil and acrylic on canvas

01_Drying my

Drying My Canoe, 2018, 30''x40'', Acrylic on canvas


Waterworld, 2017, 68''x58'', Oil and acrylic on canvas

Z_Escape fron the hungry land_shadow_edi

Escape From the Hungry Land, 2018, 68’’x60’’, Oil and acrylic on canvas

2 Nothing Gold Can Stay.jpg

Nothing Gold Can Stay, 2018, 78''x58'', Acrylic on canvas


Landscape with Bionic Cows, 2017, 82''x64'', Oil and acrylic on canvas

There is a spot where time and space forked. Humanity went one way, the other way continued without. Technology was already autonomous, so it was ok. Maybe aliens came. They must not be too far. Who did what and how all that came about is not quite clear.

As the world aged, organic life and technology grew  into each other and the entire system became one conscious being.


There, time is the simplest thing

And death is irrelevant because everything exists continuously in time

The past the present the future

Human greed preserved in a handful of fossils

When coral reefs die, their ghosts become pillars of music, piercing the earth and the sky like endless Shiva lingams. What is left of godliness.


Time is simpler than color

And color remains the essence of life, even blind moles smell colors

Rivers of color slide down the mountains, one with living water, another with dying water. Ultra-sonic surfboards play Tag between them.


This playground

belongs to many

Birds, giant, but maybe mechanical are in the sky, trees on their backs and wings. They land flat, spreading their wings over fields and hills, and forests span the earth.

On hot days clouds find shelter in aquariums. They sleep-walk on their thin long legs casting shade and mist.


People couldn’t go back to Nature because they never understood what Nature was. So they went forward to Nature, letting it become.

Mountains sigh

I heard them all sigh when the time-space forked and all the people went away. This is the world that continued without.

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